We film and promote recruiting commercials for Industrial Companies and Schools to attract skilled laborers.
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Commercial Production Services
Nobody watches ads. People watch what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad. We see how your social post can become a Super Bowl commercial. We know your prospects and how to make content that interests them without being… sales-y. Our commercials are concept-ready, state-of-the-art, and are based on strong themes that appeal to the candidate’s inane desires like their competitive spirit, desire for social status, aspired self-identity, and propensity to be influenced through popular media.
Media Buying
Get prime placements that put you in front of your prospects. Display your recruiting video and secure speaking slots at concerts and college sports events- where your audience at. Connect with the influencers that will make your brand go viral faster and outshine your peers when we handle your job postings. 
HR Support
Recruiting. Onboarding. Training… You’ve got your hands full.  Rely on us to source and conduct preliminary interviews that ensure only people who fit your needs come to you. We are fully equipped to be your company’s first contact with candidates.
Recruitment Consultations
Leverage our understanding of the young adult's mindsets to maximize ROI on your recruitment efforts. Craft better job ads, and learn creative places to find talents among other things when you schedule a per-hour basis consultation session with us.

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