Attract Reliable Skilled Labour.
Leverage your understanding of how media shapes young adult’s career choices. 

Find out more about how we cater to your sector
“If one more candidate asks me if they can work remotely”
Your job ads aren't speaking their language?
We'll attract them with our witty commercials.
Stuck in the job fair rut? Candidates aren't there!
We'll show them where they are: Instagram, concerts, sports games, comedy shows. Integrated right into culture.
Only posting on 1 out of 30 job platforms?
We post on ALL 30+ Ontario job platforms.
Empower futures.
Recruit differently.
We create media and recruitment strategies by incorporating recruiting messages in media outlets that young adults are most exposed to. Get candidates who:
Drool over your job ad
Do more than  "clock in and out"
View your careers as a key part of their future self
“The millwright in this video I'm watching looks so cool. I want to be like him.”

We do this in 4 ways

Media Buying
Get prime placements in social media and live events that get your recruiting videos seen.
Commercial Production
Display your brand in commercials that shows the industrial careers as appealing and exclusive.
HR Support
Find reliable labourers faster. Filter out incompatible candidates.
Recruitment Consultation
Borrow our brains and learn how to increase your appeal to prospects.
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Imagine an 18-year-old's search history filled with...

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